BVC Conference

The Baltic Valuation Conference (BVC)

The Baltic Valuation Conference (BVC), which dates back to 1989, is an informal meeting of property valuers from the Baltic countries. Attendees of the conference include property valuers, academics focusing on the property market, valuation procedures and methods, and others interested in property valuation issues. Participation in the conference does not only serve education but also contributes to  exchange of experiences and methods, and establishes contacts with colleagues in the field.

Since 1992, the conferences have been held annually. Countries that have hosted participants include Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. In 2003 and 2016, The Baltic Valuation Conference was held in Gdansk, Poland. In 2020-2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meetings were held online.

Konferencja BVC - wrzesień 2023 - Warszawa -

The 33rd BVC

The 33rd Baltic Valuation Conference will be held on September 7-9, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland, and will be conducted in a hybrid format (in-person and online in real-time). Thanks to the Erasmus+ project, participants are exempt from conference fees. While preparing for the conference, the participance can benefit from taking part in a professional English language course for valuers.

We encourage you to follow the project website. We will soon post more information about the program of the upcoming events, terms of participation and the application form.