Erasmus+ For Valuers

Szkolenia dla specjalistów z zakresu wyceny nieruchomości -
Rzeczoznawca Majątkowy -

Partnership Cooperation in the Professional Development of Property Valuers

We are property valuers operating in the Polish and German markets who, thanks to the Erasmus+ program, promote international educational cooperation to improve competence and exchange good practices.

Project duration: 01.09.2022-01.09.2024

Project ID: KA210-VET-9275AE3C

About the Project

The aim of the project is to establish collaboration for property valuers’ professional development, exchange experiences and good practices among partner organizations, combine international and national activities, and create and develop cooperation in the field of local, regional, national and international policies.


What does Our Project Comprise?

We, within the project co-financed by the Erasmus+ program, invite property valuers to take part in:

Podnoszenie kwalifikacji - Rzeczoznawca Majątkowy -

Who is the Erasmus+ For Valuers aimed at?

Property Valuers

The primary target group of the project are property valuers - both from Poland (about 7,000 valuers) and Germany (the German BVS association has about 3,000 members).

Property valuers in Poland have a statutory obligation to improve their professional skills through participation in training courses, workshops and conferences. In Germany, certified property experts also have to follow a similar educational path and fulfil a training obligation. Our project is aimed at the development of valuers by organizing professional training courses to ensure that they can fulfil their professional development obligation.

Academics and Students

A smaller target group includes academics working in the field of valuation methods, as well as students graduating in property valuation and trainees - that is, people who plan to become certified property valuers and all those working in the field of appraisal.

Join the BVC Conference

The Baltic Valuation Conference (BVC) is an informal meeting of property valuers from the Baltic countries. The next edition will be held on September 7-9, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland.

Konferencja BVC - wrzesień 2023 - Warszawa -